Wednesday, 27 April 2011


assalamualaikum!!! have you ever watch Paranormal Entity??? or maybe Paranormal Activity?? and the new Malay movie, Penunggu Istana?? well if u have notice, this movies are kind of horror movie that keep is totally different from any other horror movies that you have ever watched before like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam and Khurafat, i mean the kind of narrative horror movies..this latest horror movies have a special approach by relating the movies to real incident occurs all around the world..
One of the scene in Paranormal Activity 1..if u found footsteps after this, you may think about 'it'

well, actually this kind of movies are developing in creativity..they likely to used some outstanding materials that enhance the quality of the movies such as videos from the real scenes..even it is not true, they manage to make it real..well done!! haha..sometimes we might think this is also some kind of narrative old-fashioned horror movies but with the new approach, it create a new perceptions among audiences..
A scene in Paranormal Activity 2..beware of freaks!! haha

actually, i'm quite interested in such horror movies..but in the mean time, it also might effects peoples beliefs and their way of the past eight month i think, me and my friends were likely to watch horror movies from our own collection in the middle of night with superb sound is just we want to fully feel the horror of the by day, this kind of activities make us become coward and our way of thinking also will be directed to creepy things..some of my friends also would not go back to their rooms after watching those movies in my room due to their fearness to the 'things'..haha.
A figure in Insidious..such a terrifying should watch it!!

no matter how people interested in this kind of movies, i think it also should be control in order to make this kind of movies just the elements of amusements in ourselves..dont't held our life with mysteries (Misteri Nusantara's trademark)..bye!!


  1. "dont't held our life with mysteries".. direct translation?? HAHAHAHAHA~ :P

  2. haha..aku xpndai cm ang..sory r..haha