Sunday, 10 April 2011

Islam is still shining in Malaysia!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone!!! today i want share something that i thing very impressive for every Muslims..actually, i'm juz back from Masjid Sri Petaling for a program that people call 'keluar ke jalan Allah' (if i'm not mistaken) with my friends including international students..i also don't know how i am willingly to join this program eventhough i'm kind of lazy and reluctant to join it before..maybe this is a gift from Allah to open my eyes how beautiful and amazing Islam is..

before i went there, my friends Azri and Ezmeer once told me about the amazing condition at that mosque because they have went there before..they told me it will surely amaze me if i go the moment i step my foot into that mosque, MY MOUTH WAS WILDY OPENED!! all i can see is crowd of people (approximately 3000 peoples) dressing majority in white jubah in front of me! i have never seen a mosque in Malaysia that have such many people for Maghrib prayer (i'm arrived there about 7 pm)..i was told by Amirin (our amir sab or leader) that this mosque is the main branch of dakwah in Malaysia..there will held a gathering every Saturday and Sunday for muslim all around our country..i was totally amazed..!!!!!!!

after placing our bags, we perform our Maghrib prayer in jemaah..after that we have some kind of 'taklim' delivered by an 'ustaz' i think from India because he was speaking in Urdu language along with a translator..but what more stunning me is a saw o group of mute people (maybe there is some other words may replace mute) also use their abilities to deliver dakwah..even we the perfect human also still reluctant do deliver dakwah..shame on us..
This is only 1/5 numbers of jemaah for Maghrib prayer.   

Outside of the mosque there is somekind of bazar that sell a lots of food and also equipment like maswak, jubah, and etc. I grab this oppurtunity to buy a novel that i have admired for a long time which is "Khalid, Pemburu Syahid" by Abdul Rahman Talib..Then, we went back to the mosque and 'iktikaf' in the mosque..
This is the 'panorama' at 5 am. Peoples grab this opportunity to perform any 'solat sunat' including 'tahajjud'
After performing our Subuh prayer, we had a taklim and directly went back to Uniten..this experience is very valuable for me and i hope can go again with my friends (the more the better it is)..hehe..that's all that i can share..hopefully who read this will be given 'hidayah' by Allah to join such program..amin~
that's all..assalamualaikum!

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