Friday, 8 April 2011

study is burdening me!!!

 Maybe u guys might curious about my picture..?? haha..actually it juz a boring work when i'm feeling quite tense during study..well if u look at my picture, i'm holding 3 big burdening textbooks that i used in my study..maybe u guys will see it juz like an ordinary books..however in reality, it is really burdening..can u imagine studying using approximately 3kg of book for one subject everyday (each book have about 1000 pages!!)?? it even can brake ur neck if i smash it on ur head!!  (maybe my brain has 'broke' badly since this big book 'smashing' my brain)..hehe..actually i don't like this kind of study..we used to 'copy' from textbooks and 'paste' in our exam..don't u feel like u r a computer??? damn it!!

but maybe this is only the beginning and i had to sacrifice a bit in order to  build up my knowledge before entering the dgree program..maybe some of u guys might have the kind of study that more hectic than me..if u would like to share with me, please do so..maybe that way will make  me more grateful to be study this way..because people says, "u should appreciate what u have because others might worse than u"..haha.
that's all i think..see u!!


  1. memang.... BERAT.

    yang tersiksa,
    pelajar Uniten yang tertekan

  2. jgn tahi sgt la wey...padahal nk tunjuk ko macho...puih! hahahahaha

  3. kau jeles pe hal??!! at least xjiwang..haha