Saturday, 8 October 2011

The 'Beauty' of Study..part 1!

Assalamaualaikum fellas. It's a long time since my last post. So busy lately in the beginning of my new semester. Haha. Besides, my new house is still don't have internet connection because everyone is hoping for the coverage of Unifi will be available and we are waiting for it. We just using 2 broadbands which is mine and Ridza's. But, my broadband is isolated by my friends because it is too slow. Poor Ikram! haha..

After this past 3 weeks of study in Mechanical engineering, a lots of new things arise and I should concern about it. I need to be good in drawing, calculations and using computer with some software that really new to me. Unfortunately, I am a bad drawer since I was a kid! I also did not know much about computer besides turn it on, turn it off and surfing internet! Again..poor ikram!!!

I have started doing some assignments regarding my subjects taken this semester. But, the most interesting assignment is designing a phone casing! Sounds easy right?? Just the front cover and the keypad. What a small things! But it takes about A WEEK for me to finish it!!! Damn difficult! My lecturer said, "If you are a completely professional in using this Pro Engineering software, you can design it in about 3 hours." But even he do not know how to use it. We just have to explore it ourselves by referring to the manual. NICE!

Thanks to my 'professional' housemates and friends who are quite outstanding expert in exploring this software. I learned from them a lot and lastly I finished my assignments.

Unfortunately, something happens at the time I want to submit this assignment. I meet some of my classmates who also want to submit their assignments. We look at each other assignments and suddenly they said, "Ikram, your drawing is wrong. This is not what the lecturer want!". Can you imagine how I feel???? arghh!!!!!! Every single bad words came out from my mouth at that time.haha. Actually what I did is right but unfortunately the print setup doesn't meet the requirements of my lecturer. Just doesn't have some stupid lines and my project is failed!

Lastly, I have to do something to enable me to get the 3% carry marks. Just 3%!!! Ihave to take my friend's project and print it as my. So, I just waste my whole week doing this assignment in fact that I can print others project as mine. But I learn lots of thing in using this software. Take a look at my project!
Looks simple right??
Inside of the front cover

The keypad part.

my beloved lecturer.. Mr Zulkifli bin Ahmad..I think this is the pic during he is a little bit younger.
How is it?? interesting?? This what we learn in Engineering Graphics (MEMB 113) !! Need to improve a lots after this. That's all guys!! Assalamualaikum..