Wednesday, 27 April 2011


assalamualaikum!!! have you ever watch Paranormal Entity??? or maybe Paranormal Activity?? and the new Malay movie, Penunggu Istana?? well if u have notice, this movies are kind of horror movie that keep is totally different from any other horror movies that you have ever watched before like Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam and Khurafat, i mean the kind of narrative horror movies..this latest horror movies have a special approach by relating the movies to real incident occurs all around the world..
One of the scene in Paranormal Activity 1..if u found footsteps after this, you may think about 'it'

well, actually this kind of movies are developing in creativity..they likely to used some outstanding materials that enhance the quality of the movies such as videos from the real scenes..even it is not true, they manage to make it real..well done!! haha..sometimes we might think this is also some kind of narrative old-fashioned horror movies but with the new approach, it create a new perceptions among audiences..
A scene in Paranormal Activity 2..beware of freaks!! haha

actually, i'm quite interested in such horror movies..but in the mean time, it also might effects peoples beliefs and their way of the past eight month i think, me and my friends were likely to watch horror movies from our own collection in the middle of night with superb sound is just we want to fully feel the horror of the by day, this kind of activities make us become coward and our way of thinking also will be directed to creepy things..some of my friends also would not go back to their rooms after watching those movies in my room due to their fearness to the 'things'..haha.
A figure in Insidious..such a terrifying should watch it!!

no matter how people interested in this kind of movies, i think it also should be control in order to make this kind of movies just the elements of amusements in ourselves..dont't held our life with mysteries (Misteri Nusantara's trademark)..bye!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I want a new bike!!!

Assalamualikum guys!!! good morning..hmm..this morning I open my eyes and suddenly i'm thinking of buying a new bike!! haha..if you have read my older post (Zealous), I have mentioned about my friends 150 FZ..well, he has inspired me to buy a bike like that, but I think I want to have another types of bike..

Actually, at this moment I already have a Honda Wave 125X. I'm quite grateful to have it but I think it's time for me to have something new in my life..i'm quite interest in travelling all around and my current bike is not suit for long distances purposes..

Deep in my heart, this maybe a waste but i'm quite eager to buy a bike with higher CC. Something like 150FZ but other model.It will be awesome right?? haha..right now, i'm planning to 'seduce' my parents to lend me just about RM1000 just for the downpayment of my dream bike and I'll handle the rest..don't ask me how I'll handle the rest of the payment..secret..hehe..

And now, what I want to ask you guys to do is, suggest me a reasonable and suitable bike for me to have..please!!! If your suggestions are 'accepted' by my parents, I will assure you will have the first ride of my bike!!!!!!! haha..that's all..assalamualaikum~
Yamaha 150FZs??

new Yamaha Scorpio??
or maybe CBR???


assalamualaikum every body!! i think it's almost 2 weeks i've not updated my blog..well, i'm kind a busy with lots of test, assignments and many other things. Alhamdulillah, the final suffer for last week is my chemistry test. Last weekend, my friends from UTP (aizzat and roy) juz come and stay in my room for about two days. Errm..maybe for you guys it is only ordinary things but for me i'll always appreciate my ZEALOUS (my batch name) friends and i'm glad meeting them..

 they've come all the way to Putrajaya to give some support to our former school's orchestra band in Wind Orchestra competition..some of my friends in Uniten also quite impressed with their determination by riding their FZ 150 (roy) and 135LC(aizzat) just to give support to SMSAH band..WELL DONE GUYS!!! haha..
Sadly i could not join them to support our school band as i have a rugby tournament (Open IPTS) in Uniten. But, the most bad things is i have lost the opportunity meeting my other friends there..arghhh!!! However, i enjoyed all the moments with roy and aizat especially the convoy to DOWNTOWN CHERAS!!! haha..

Actually, i'm kinda miss all may ZEALOUS friends. They have created such numerous memories in my life and i really hope that we will have a single opportunity to reunite and hang out together again..well, i'm hoping the reunion planned this May will be come true..hope to see you guys there!!  That's all for today!! bye~
Our memories remains forever!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Telok Kemang Is The Best!!!

Hye guys!! actually i'm juz got back from a simple vacation with my older brother and sister..we went to Telok Kemang in Melaka!! haha..maybe some of you might wondering what kind of place is this since maybe you never heard about it before. Now i'm telling u!! It is the most beautiful and exciting shore that i've ever been!!

Actually, i just wanna share with you my first experience riding on BANANA BOAT!! is not expensive. Just RM50. Maybe you guys should look how exciting our faces during the time..
From the left, my bro, my sis, and me

Having exciting time during riding Banana Boat!

I think this is the 3rd time we were 'spill off' into the water

Pulling my brother and sister up to continue our 'journey'
 Awesome right?? now i'm planning to go for another trip to this very place again but this time with my 'crazy' friends. Hopefully it will be the most exciting memories in my life!! bye!!~

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

nervous is da main obstacles in human life.

do you believe it??? actually that's only my i've my speaking test for MUET (if u read my older post, i've mention about it) hehe..well, i'm kindly terrifying and nervous at that time..who won't rite?? but at that moment i realize something that nervous is my common do you!! haha..

at the moment i step my foot into the exam room, the first thing i do is describing the invigilators..describing!! would u believe that?? they doesn't important for my ability to speak at that time but still their face becoming my courage, even i don't know why..fortunately they face were like people who can be tolerate..err, i it makes me a little bit confident..

at the time of discussion part which i think i failed, something happen which trigger my anxiety to speak out loud!! could u guess?? it is war!!! a sudden other candidates rising their points which oppose and disagree each other..i use that time to oppose the wildly..the discussion becoming very hot until we are told to stop by the invigilators! that was very awesome!! haha

after the times up, the invigilators asked us, "are u guys debators??". In my mind, i think " do we look like a debator??" haha..maybe she doesn't notice that all of us are shaking like an earthquake was happening..but i hope that was a compliment instead of sarcasctic question..i hope my result will be good..

lastly, supposely we can do anything that beyond expectation if we can control the power of our mind set..and we should always praise God for give the strength to do it..see u!!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Islam is still shining in Malaysia!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone!!! today i want share something that i thing very impressive for every Muslims..actually, i'm juz back from Masjid Sri Petaling for a program that people call 'keluar ke jalan Allah' (if i'm not mistaken) with my friends including international students..i also don't know how i am willingly to join this program eventhough i'm kind of lazy and reluctant to join it before..maybe this is a gift from Allah to open my eyes how beautiful and amazing Islam is..

before i went there, my friends Azri and Ezmeer once told me about the amazing condition at that mosque because they have went there before..they told me it will surely amaze me if i go the moment i step my foot into that mosque, MY MOUTH WAS WILDY OPENED!! all i can see is crowd of people (approximately 3000 peoples) dressing majority in white jubah in front of me! i have never seen a mosque in Malaysia that have such many people for Maghrib prayer (i'm arrived there about 7 pm)..i was told by Amirin (our amir sab or leader) that this mosque is the main branch of dakwah in Malaysia..there will held a gathering every Saturday and Sunday for muslim all around our country..i was totally amazed..!!!!!!!

after placing our bags, we perform our Maghrib prayer in jemaah..after that we have some kind of 'taklim' delivered by an 'ustaz' i think from India because he was speaking in Urdu language along with a translator..but what more stunning me is a saw o group of mute people (maybe there is some other words may replace mute) also use their abilities to deliver dakwah..even we the perfect human also still reluctant do deliver dakwah..shame on us..
This is only 1/5 numbers of jemaah for Maghrib prayer.   

Outside of the mosque there is somekind of bazar that sell a lots of food and also equipment like maswak, jubah, and etc. I grab this oppurtunity to buy a novel that i have admired for a long time which is "Khalid, Pemburu Syahid" by Abdul Rahman Talib..Then, we went back to the mosque and 'iktikaf' in the mosque..
This is the 'panorama' at 5 am. Peoples grab this opportunity to perform any 'solat sunat' including 'tahajjud'
After performing our Subuh prayer, we had a taklim and directly went back to Uniten..this experience is very valuable for me and i hope can go again with my friends (the more the better it is)..hehe..that's all that i can share..hopefully who read this will be given 'hidayah' by Allah to join such program..amin~
that's all..assalamualaikum!

Friday, 8 April 2011

study is burdening me!!!

 Maybe u guys might curious about my picture..?? haha..actually it juz a boring work when i'm feeling quite tense during study..well if u look at my picture, i'm holding 3 big burdening textbooks that i used in my study..maybe u guys will see it juz like an ordinary books..however in reality, it is really burdening..can u imagine studying using approximately 3kg of book for one subject everyday (each book have about 1000 pages!!)?? it even can brake ur neck if i smash it on ur head!!  (maybe my brain has 'broke' badly since this big book 'smashing' my brain)..hehe..actually i don't like this kind of study..we used to 'copy' from textbooks and 'paste' in our exam..don't u feel like u r a computer??? damn it!!

but maybe this is only the beginning and i had to sacrifice a bit in order to  build up my knowledge before entering the dgree program..maybe some of u guys might have the kind of study that more hectic than me..if u would like to share with me, please do so..maybe that way will make  me more grateful to be study this way..because people says, "u should appreciate what u have because others might worse than u"..haha.
that's all i think..see u!!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Please appreciate people no matter who u are.

Assalamualaikum guys!! today i would like to post about something that we keep neglecting it in our life..well if u see the title above, u might says "ikram is trying to be a good guy"..hehe..nope!! me myself also make this kind of mistakes..actually, we're supposely to appreciate people no matter who we are..i've seen lately people becoming more arrogant and act like they are the greatest guy in the world!! shame on them! let me take some example to you~

if u're studying or working, mostly ur place will be secure by securiy guard rite?? well..they're working to sustain their life..but in the mean time many people see their work as juz a "low class" job..THIS IS NOT TRUE..i've met a security guard who hold a Diploma in, we shouldn't under estimate them..maybe we don't have time to talk with them as we also have work to do but at least please wave ur hand ur give salam when we meet them as a symbol of appreciation and respect..they've sacrifice their time and safety to secure us..however, many of us still insult them and scold them if they cause a tiny trouble to you like stop u to identify u before entering a building..emh3..shame on us!!! so, PLEASE APPRECIATE PEOPLE AND U WILL BE THE GREATEST GUY AND DON'T U EVER THINK U'RE THE GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Damn!!! i'm not ready for Muet!!

Morning guys!! Actually I' m having such a bad feeling for this Muet..MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST!!! i'll be sitting 4 this test on 12th n 16th April..if you noticed, it's only a weeks from now!!! what should i do??? well, i think is not fair enough to all Muet candidates in Uniten. This is because in Uniten, we doesn't learn specifically how to perform in our Muet..we only learn English in 2 trimester-trimester1 and trimester3..but still it is just a basic English that i've already learn in my primary and secondary schools. Till now, i still could not imagine how the test will be. Actually, i'm quite jealous with some of my friends who are studying in Matriks. Eventhough they are suffering for such a stressfull condition life in Matriks, they still learns English specifically for Muet and they quite confident in having their Muet. I don't really care for the result. But at least we're supposely to be ready and quite confident in facing such test rite???

One other think if u guys would like to know, Uniten is an international universities. There are lot of people who can communicate fluently in English and most of them are Chinese and Indian. Not trying to be racist but i'm quite impressed by the way their pronouncing their English very well!! at the same time it make me freaking nervous cause i'm thinking maybe i'll be having group discussion for Muet with a bunch of 'professional' English speaker!! i going to be push aside and just agree with all their  opinion ( it's one of the easiest and coward way to just pass in Muet) or may i just spontaneously give what i got to compete with them?? ahaha..what ever it is, i will just do the best!!

Supposely, i had to get Band 6 for this Muet. It is not because of any requirements for my academical purposes. It is just a simple competition between me and my sister. Well, it was a challenge actually from my sister. this is because i've always achieve more than than her in every single major exam like UPSR, PMR, SPM (doesn't mean to be proud). However, this time i think i should surrender, because she is an good english speaker more than me and she also got Band 5 for her Muet. I would never think i would be having my Band 6. Well, as long as it may allow me to pursue my degree  program, it is fine for me...well, i think this is all for today..maybe anybody who read this will willingly pray for my success, i'll be grateful for long!! bye!!

new in blogging!!

hye everybody!!! actually this my first time in my whole life i'm creating a blog..i also don't know what's the purpose of blogging..juz trying cause some of my frenz are, if u could guide me to adapt with this 'blog world' please do so...hehe..i think that's all for this 1st tyme..gud nyte!!