Sunday, 3 April 2011

Damn!!! i'm not ready for Muet!!

Morning guys!! Actually I' m having such a bad feeling for this Muet..MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST!!! i'll be sitting 4 this test on 12th n 16th April..if you noticed, it's only a weeks from now!!! what should i do??? well, i think is not fair enough to all Muet candidates in Uniten. This is because in Uniten, we doesn't learn specifically how to perform in our Muet..we only learn English in 2 trimester-trimester1 and trimester3..but still it is just a basic English that i've already learn in my primary and secondary schools. Till now, i still could not imagine how the test will be. Actually, i'm quite jealous with some of my friends who are studying in Matriks. Eventhough they are suffering for such a stressfull condition life in Matriks, they still learns English specifically for Muet and they quite confident in having their Muet. I don't really care for the result. But at least we're supposely to be ready and quite confident in facing such test rite???

One other think if u guys would like to know, Uniten is an international universities. There are lot of people who can communicate fluently in English and most of them are Chinese and Indian. Not trying to be racist but i'm quite impressed by the way their pronouncing their English very well!! at the same time it make me freaking nervous cause i'm thinking maybe i'll be having group discussion for Muet with a bunch of 'professional' English speaker!! i going to be push aside and just agree with all their  opinion ( it's one of the easiest and coward way to just pass in Muet) or may i just spontaneously give what i got to compete with them?? ahaha..what ever it is, i will just do the best!!

Supposely, i had to get Band 6 for this Muet. It is not because of any requirements for my academical purposes. It is just a simple competition between me and my sister. Well, it was a challenge actually from my sister. this is because i've always achieve more than than her in every single major exam like UPSR, PMR, SPM (doesn't mean to be proud). However, this time i think i should surrender, because she is an good english speaker more than me and she also got Band 5 for her Muet. I would never think i would be having my Band 6. Well, as long as it may allow me to pursue my degree  program, it is fine for me...well, i think this is all for today..maybe anybody who read this will willingly pray for my success, i'll be grateful for long!! bye!!