Sunday, 24 April 2011


assalamualaikum every body!! i think it's almost 2 weeks i've not updated my blog..well, i'm kind a busy with lots of test, assignments and many other things. Alhamdulillah, the final suffer for last week is my chemistry test. Last weekend, my friends from UTP (aizzat and roy) juz come and stay in my room for about two days. Errm..maybe for you guys it is only ordinary things but for me i'll always appreciate my ZEALOUS (my batch name) friends and i'm glad meeting them..

 they've come all the way to Putrajaya to give some support to our former school's orchestra band in Wind Orchestra competition..some of my friends in Uniten also quite impressed with their determination by riding their FZ 150 (roy) and 135LC(aizzat) just to give support to SMSAH band..WELL DONE GUYS!!! haha..
Sadly i could not join them to support our school band as i have a rugby tournament (Open IPTS) in Uniten. But, the most bad things is i have lost the opportunity meeting my other friends there..arghhh!!! However, i enjoyed all the moments with roy and aizat especially the convoy to DOWNTOWN CHERAS!!! haha..

Actually, i'm kinda miss all may ZEALOUS friends. They have created such numerous memories in my life and i really hope that we will have a single opportunity to reunite and hang out together again..well, i'm hoping the reunion planned this May will be come true..hope to see you guys there!!  That's all for today!! bye~
Our memories remains forever!!

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  1. rindu r nk jumpa abg kre...ha3