Monday, 16 May 2011

Shame On You Guys!!

Assalamualaikum..actually tonight i feel quite sucks because I have just take a look to some pictures of two K-pop Band from Malaysia! From Malaysia! I am not underestimating the abilities of Malaysians but there still another things that more good to be try out right? Actually I'm talking about Gula Gula and 24:7 bands!

The thing that I dislike about this bands is their image. Let me tell about 24: 7 first. They are men bands with an image just like Super Juniors (a group from Korea I think). Well, if we compared the good looking of Super Juniors and 24:7, obviously they are totally different! Super Junior are good looking guys! While 24:7 are thin peoples with completely duplicating Super Junior image and also think their body 'hot' enough to show it off to people. I think they should create a new image that suits their personalities and the acceptance of Malaysians.

This 'gothic' theme doesn't suit them..between, do you guys need to show your thin body?? arghh!!!
even guys will vomit when see this picture..women?? they will die in suffer when see this picture!
Now about the Gula Gula band. This band consist of 6 hot ladies with sexy image. Well, I think they are not as hot as Wondergirls so they should not over-dressed like that. Even though they are fine with such image, they should consider the acceptance of peoples in Malaysia. This is a country with Islam as an official religions. How will people outside of our country will think about our country? If they would have fans after this, that is not because of the qualities of the music that they bring, but because of the obsession to their sexy image especially from guys!
Doesn't need to use sexy image to attract fans if the quality of their musics is good! What a shame..
Is this the kind of artists that will shine our music industry? Answer it yourselves!

The objectives of this 2 bands are good to compete with Wondergirls and  Super Juniors but they supposely creating one new image.For example, they should use a casual, exclusive and proper attire in order to build a new perception of people towards them. Not just by duplicating completely other band. I think that's all from me. Sorry if my opinions hurts anybody because I really sick with this kind of stuff! So, hope the new Malaysia's K-pop will be better and good. Assalamualaikum~

Saturday, 14 May 2011

I am screwed up!!

Assalamualaikum. Finally I can updated my blog. Yesterday it was under maintenance and I could not open it at all. Today I think I want to share with you guys about my over-enjoyful week turning into something I am worried of. Actually last week is quite free because I have less classes compared to the previous weeks because some of my lecturer cancelled the classes.

The things that I said an over-enjoyful moments is my own 'celebration' due to this free and happy week. Even though the final exam just about 2 weeks from now, I am still got a lot to do and I didn't started study at all! In fact, I am still enjoying my life especially with Facebook. I think I am quite addicted to this things and I could not stop if someone chat with me through Facebook. So, today I will try very hard to study with out the presence of Facebook. Not deactivating, but just keep it logout!

I think my bike also becoming a distraction for me. When I think about going something, I will just ride on my bike and go anywhere I want even it is surely wasting my time and money. So, obviously I will not study at that particular time. I will control my self after this. Hopefully!

I think that's all for today. Please pray for my success in my Final Exam. bye! salam!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Redbull..beware of it!!

Assalamualaikum..this morning i am feeling quite energetic eventhough i slept quite late last night about 3 a.m. I think this is because of the effects of Redbull drink that I had last night..Actually i am just trying this tips to stay fresh for longer time especially during night..It will prevent you for sleeping and give you energy to HAVE TRIED!!

Redbull is an energy drinks that contains taurine, glucose, sucrose, caffeine, B vitamin and many more. There was a controversy before of this drinks containing a small amount of cocaine. Thus, some countries forbid the marketing of this drinks in their countries. But in presents, i do not sure whether Redbull still contain cocaine or not..
This Redbull..but i think this is the one that manufactured and marketed in Thailand..

Actually, drinking Redbull is very effective in giving you strength and energy..that is why it becoming such a popular energy drink for sport purposes..however, it may contains negative sides if you consume it wrongly..Let me share you a story from my friend..this is a really story!

My friend once have a friend that very good in many branch of sports..this guys had massive sports training almost everyday in order to maintain his performance in sports. In such condition, he choose Redbull as his 'finishing' right after training..he drink Redbull directly every time he finish sports day, after finish his sport training, he as always drinks Redbull immediately..after a few a minutes, blood came out from his nose and ears!!!! that person died immediately..DIED!!! i'm sorry because i don't have much health explanation about how it cause fatal to this person but is almost stunt me with the 'power' of Redbull..
just a picture..Redbull becoming his solution for tiredness and it cause fatal!!

Actually guys, this drinks is very powerful and the researchers of Redbull also doesn't recommended Redbull as hydration, I just want you guys clear about it and don't try it and risk your life. Instead of that, Redbull also contains caffeine..just like other caffeine-containing drinks like coffee, it may cause addiction..right now, i have heard a lot from peoples about caffeine addiction..especially students!!! Here is another story for you guys....

My sister have a friends that drinks 'teh tarik' (tea also contain caffeine) almost everyday especially on the evening and night..after a few month..she can not refuse on having this drinks everyday..every single time she missed her drinks, she will feel uneasy and depressed..this is some of effects to caffeine addiction!!!!

Back to our Redbull problem. People are likely to drinks Redbull and it becoming a very favourite drinks for people who have try advice is please control your desire to consume this energy drinks especially if it is not the time that suitable for you to drink it..It may cause addiction guys!!! for athletes out there, choose wisely your favourite energy drinks and please make sure you know how it affects you in positive and negatives ways so you can be prepared for any consequences..that's all for me..bye guys!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"Sorry, no plastic bags"!!

assalamualaikum everyone..actually the tittle was quoted from the shopkeeper in UNITEN..haha..actually I just got back from UPTEN..a very familiar place for Uniten students to eat and buy their needs..after finish my dinner, me and my friends went to the grocery to buy other food for our supper..(now, obviously we are kind of person that really 'love' food)..

I pick all kind of food that i want and pay the money to the cashier..then she kept staring at me while i'm waiting for plastic bags to put my that moment, I was thinking, am I doing something wrong?? or maybe she want to say something?? which one???????

I was watching and wait the moment she will response and suddenly she said, "Uniten already forbid the use of plastic bags and kindly tell your friend about it".What??? no plastic bags anymore?? fish!!.BUT, I think this approach was taken because Uniten students likely to throw away used plastic bags..'thanks' to all Uniten students!!

However,I think this is also some good approach in maintaining a green environment..WELL DONE UNITEN!!! now i'm thinking of carrying my own "green bag" everytime I want to buy something from those shops..haha..obviously I wouldn't do it!!!! haha..that's all!! bye guys!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

FINALLY!!! It surely killing me!!!

what is in your mind when your first read the tittle????? aaahhaaa..girls??? no!! actually, this kind of things have torturing me for quiet a long time..guess what??? it is my passion to eat DURIANS!! stupid right?? actually I was planning not to come back to my hometown this semester in order to save some money. However, I neglect all my financial plan just to have durians in my hometown. Maybe you guys might think why not I just buy it from any fruit stalls around my current place?? haha..actually, the durians sell around KL is totally different compared in my hometown especially for it's price.My friends have bought 5 durians for rm70! My sister's friends buy it for about rm100 for 4 durians! Isn't that too much??!! Please don't take advantages on those people who clearly craving for durians!!! haha..

When the first moment I stepped my feet in my hometown, my eyes was wildly searching for any fruit stalls to get my beloved durians..and finally my mom, with his superb ability in price negotiation, has buy me 5 durians with only rm30!! please be jealous with me!! father also accidently buy another 2 giant durian for rm50 but it is totally worth it!
My first impression when I saw durian..nice!!   
over-focussed on the durians..totaly satisfied!!
after finish ate all the durians!! full already!!
So, for any of you guys especially my friends in Uniten that hoping that I'll bring back some of durians with me tomorrow, I'm really sorry to disappoint you..I do not have the guts to taking with me some durians that may cause every people in the bus faint of it's smell..haha..sorry guys!! for those who are still craving for durian, go and find it AND kindly share with me please~~ haha..I think that's all..bye!! assalamualaikum!