Sunday, 1 May 2011

FINALLY!!! It surely killing me!!!

what is in your mind when your first read the tittle????? aaahhaaa..girls??? no!! actually, this kind of things have torturing me for quiet a long time..guess what??? it is my passion to eat DURIANS!! stupid right?? actually I was planning not to come back to my hometown this semester in order to save some money. However, I neglect all my financial plan just to have durians in my hometown. Maybe you guys might think why not I just buy it from any fruit stalls around my current place?? haha..actually, the durians sell around KL is totally different compared in my hometown especially for it's price.My friends have bought 5 durians for rm70! My sister's friends buy it for about rm100 for 4 durians! Isn't that too much??!! Please don't take advantages on those people who clearly craving for durians!!! haha..

When the first moment I stepped my feet in my hometown, my eyes was wildly searching for any fruit stalls to get my beloved durians..and finally my mom, with his superb ability in price negotiation, has buy me 5 durians with only rm30!! please be jealous with me!! father also accidently buy another 2 giant durian for rm50 but it is totally worth it!
My first impression when I saw durian..nice!!   
over-focussed on the durians..totaly satisfied!!
after finish ate all the durians!! full already!!
So, for any of you guys especially my friends in Uniten that hoping that I'll bring back some of durians with me tomorrow, I'm really sorry to disappoint you..I do not have the guts to taking with me some durians that may cause every people in the bus faint of it's smell..haha..sorry guys!! for those who are still craving for durian, go and find it AND kindly share with me please~~ haha..I think that's all..bye!! assalamualaikum!


  1. mmg menarik posing hang makan durian.. kalah model2 kat luaq snna..