Monday, 16 May 2011

Shame On You Guys!!

Assalamualaikum..actually tonight i feel quite sucks because I have just take a look to some pictures of two K-pop Band from Malaysia! From Malaysia! I am not underestimating the abilities of Malaysians but there still another things that more good to be try out right? Actually I'm talking about Gula Gula and 24:7 bands!

The thing that I dislike about this bands is their image. Let me tell about 24: 7 first. They are men bands with an image just like Super Juniors (a group from Korea I think). Well, if we compared the good looking of Super Juniors and 24:7, obviously they are totally different! Super Junior are good looking guys! While 24:7 are thin peoples with completely duplicating Super Junior image and also think their body 'hot' enough to show it off to people. I think they should create a new image that suits their personalities and the acceptance of Malaysians.

This 'gothic' theme doesn't suit them..between, do you guys need to show your thin body?? arghh!!!
even guys will vomit when see this picture..women?? they will die in suffer when see this picture!
Now about the Gula Gula band. This band consist of 6 hot ladies with sexy image. Well, I think they are not as hot as Wondergirls so they should not over-dressed like that. Even though they are fine with such image, they should consider the acceptance of peoples in Malaysia. This is a country with Islam as an official religions. How will people outside of our country will think about our country? If they would have fans after this, that is not because of the qualities of the music that they bring, but because of the obsession to their sexy image especially from guys!
Doesn't need to use sexy image to attract fans if the quality of their musics is good! What a shame..
Is this the kind of artists that will shine our music industry? Answer it yourselves!

The objectives of this 2 bands are good to compete with Wondergirls and  Super Juniors but they supposely creating one new image.For example, they should use a casual, exclusive and proper attire in order to build a new perception of people towards them. Not just by duplicating completely other band. I think that's all from me. Sorry if my opinions hurts anybody because I really sick with this kind of stuff! So, hope the new Malaysia's K-pop will be better and good. Assalamualaikum~


  1. geli thap r weyh..
    dhla huduh semua..hahaha..
    muntah darah.. :PP

  2. bleh la klau ang nk mnikah salah sorng aku leh rekemen..haha

  3. eywwww!!! perlu ka ang post pasai depa.. =.='

  4. tamau laa aku..stg muntah drah ak tep2 hari..keh3..

  5. nupa: ni menunjukkan keprihatinan aku terhadap rakyat m'sia..haha
    yam: ok paa..'tough' kot depa..haha

  6. dengar kata salah satu dr grup tue akan berduet ngan Super Junior M time Hari Belia Negara kat Putrajaya.. kalo iye,mmg spoil.. kalo x, Alhamdulillah..

  7. malu?? bf ang ada lam group 24:7 ka?? haha