Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Redbull..beware of it!!

Assalamualaikum..this morning i am feeling quite energetic eventhough i slept quite late last night about 3 a.m. I think this is because of the effects of Redbull drink that I had last night..Actually i am just trying this tips to stay fresh for longer time especially during night..It will prevent you for sleeping and give you energy to HAVE TRIED!!

Redbull is an energy drinks that contains taurine, glucose, sucrose, caffeine, B vitamin and many more. There was a controversy before of this drinks containing a small amount of cocaine. Thus, some countries forbid the marketing of this drinks in their countries. But in presents, i do not sure whether Redbull still contain cocaine or not..
This Redbull..but i think this is the one that manufactured and marketed in Thailand..

Actually, drinking Redbull is very effective in giving you strength and energy..that is why it becoming such a popular energy drink for sport purposes..however, it may contains negative sides if you consume it wrongly..Let me share you a story from my friend..this is a really story!

My friend once have a friend that very good in many branch of sports..this guys had massive sports training almost everyday in order to maintain his performance in sports. In such condition, he choose Redbull as his 'finishing' right after training..he drink Redbull directly every time he finish sports day, after finish his sport training, he as always drinks Redbull immediately..after a few a minutes, blood came out from his nose and ears!!!! that person died immediately..DIED!!! i'm sorry because i don't have much health explanation about how it cause fatal to this person but is almost stunt me with the 'power' of Redbull..
just a picture..Redbull becoming his solution for tiredness and it cause fatal!!

Actually guys, this drinks is very powerful and the researchers of Redbull also doesn't recommended Redbull as hydration, I just want you guys clear about it and don't try it and risk your life. Instead of that, Redbull also contains caffeine..just like other caffeine-containing drinks like coffee, it may cause addiction..right now, i have heard a lot from peoples about caffeine addiction..especially students!!! Here is another story for you guys....

My sister have a friends that drinks 'teh tarik' (tea also contain caffeine) almost everyday especially on the evening and night..after a few month..she can not refuse on having this drinks everyday..every single time she missed her drinks, she will feel uneasy and depressed..this is some of effects to caffeine addiction!!!!

Back to our Redbull problem. People are likely to drinks Redbull and it becoming a very favourite drinks for people who have try advice is please control your desire to consume this energy drinks especially if it is not the time that suitable for you to drink it..It may cause addiction guys!!! for athletes out there, choose wisely your favourite energy drinks and please make sure you know how it affects you in positive and negatives ways so you can be prepared for any consequences..that's all for me..bye guys!!


  1. entry first mcm ok,ingtkan nak support redbull. haha. pas tu bila dh masuk psl fatal ne. eshh. takutnye!

    mmg nak tulis bi ke?

  2. i would choose gatorade for dehydration drink...

  3. k.awin..sja nk try..bdk2 uniten ni ajar sy..haha

  4. Bad English, but I still get the idea you're trying to give.
    Improve your English grammar and write properly (put capital letter, full stop, comma and etc. where it should). Don't write like the SMS writing style. It makes the readers lose interest to continue their reading.
    Keep it up young boy. Way to go! :)

  5. Shahzan92..yeah!! maybe that's better..i guess..haha

  6. JEng: thanx for the advices..i'll try to keep it up!! haha

  7. yahh~!! neo juggo sip-eo ? give me that P thingy !!