Tuesday, 3 May 2011

"Sorry, no plastic bags"..fish!!

assalamualaikum everyone..actually the tittle was quoted from the shopkeeper in UNITEN..haha..actually I just got back from UPTEN..a very familiar place for Uniten students to eat and buy their needs..after finish my dinner, me and my friends went to the grocery to buy other food for our supper..(now, obviously we are kind of person that really 'love' food)..

I pick all kind of food that i want and pay the money to the cashier..then she kept staring at me while i'm waiting for plastic bags to put my stuff..at that moment, I was thinking, am I doing something wrong?? or maybe she want to say something?? which one???????

I was watching and wait the moment she will response and suddenly she said, "Uniten already forbid the use of plastic bags and kindly tell your friend about it".What??? no plastic bags anymore?? fish!!.BUT, I think this approach was taken because Uniten students likely to throw away used plastic bags..'thanks' to all Uniten students!!

However,I think this is also some good approach in maintaining a green environment..WELL DONE UNITEN!!! now i'm thinking of carrying my own "green bag" everytime I want to buy something from those shops..haha..obviously I wouldn't do it!!!! haha..that's all!! bye guys!!


  1. bru taw ka??
    ketinggalan zaman sunggoh!=.="

  2. kt kuis brcambah ja gna plstik bag..hoh0