Tuesday, 12 April 2011

nervous is da main obstacles in human life.

do you believe it??? actually that's only my opinion..today i've my speaking test for MUET (if u read my older post, i've mention about it) hehe..well, i'm kindly terrifying and nervous at that time..who won't rite?? but at that moment i realize something that nervous is my common weakness..so do you!! haha..

at the moment i step my foot into the exam room, the first thing i do is describing the invigilators..describing!! would u believe that?? they doesn't important for my ability to speak at that time but still their face becoming my courage, even i don't know why..fortunately they face were like people who can be tolerate..err, i guess..so it makes me a little bit confident..

at the time of discussion part which i think i failed, something happen which trigger my anxiety to speak out loud!! could u guess?? it is war!!! hhaaha..at a sudden other candidates rising their points which oppose and disagree each other..i use that time to oppose the wildly..the discussion becoming very hot until we are told to stop by the invigilators! that was very awesome!! haha

after the times up, the invigilators asked us, "are u guys debators??". In my mind, i think " do we look like a debator??" haha..maybe she doesn't notice that all of us are shaking like an earthquake was happening..but i hope that was a compliment instead of sarcasctic question..i hope my result will be good..

lastly, supposely we can do anything that beyond expectation if we can control the power of our mind set..and we should always praise God for give the strength to do it..see u!!!

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