Thursday, 7 April 2011

Please appreciate people no matter who u are.

Assalamualaikum guys!! today i would like to post about something that we keep neglecting it in our life..well if u see the title above, u might says "ikram is trying to be a good guy"..hehe..nope!! me myself also make this kind of mistakes..actually, we're supposely to appreciate people no matter who we are..i've seen lately people becoming more arrogant and act like they are the greatest guy in the world!! shame on them! let me take some example to you~

if u're studying or working, mostly ur place will be secure by securiy guard rite?? well..they're working to sustain their life..but in the mean time many people see their work as juz a "low class" job..THIS IS NOT TRUE..i've met a security guard who hold a Diploma in, we shouldn't under estimate them..maybe we don't have time to talk with them as we also have work to do but at least please wave ur hand ur give salam when we meet them as a symbol of appreciation and respect..they've sacrifice their time and safety to secure us..however, many of us still insult them and scold them if they cause a tiny trouble to you like stop u to identify u before entering a building..emh3..shame on us!!! so, PLEASE APPRECIATE PEOPLE AND U WILL BE THE GREATEST GUY AND DON'T U EVER THINK U'RE THE GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD!!!

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