Sunday, 24 April 2011

I want a new bike!!!

Assalamualikum guys!!! good morning..hmm..this morning I open my eyes and suddenly i'm thinking of buying a new bike!! haha..if you have read my older post (Zealous), I have mentioned about my friends 150 FZ..well, he has inspired me to buy a bike like that, but I think I want to have another types of bike..

Actually, at this moment I already have a Honda Wave 125X. I'm quite grateful to have it but I think it's time for me to have something new in my life..i'm quite interest in travelling all around and my current bike is not suit for long distances purposes..

Deep in my heart, this maybe a waste but i'm quite eager to buy a bike with higher CC. Something like 150FZ but other model.It will be awesome right?? haha..right now, i'm planning to 'seduce' my parents to lend me just about RM1000 just for the downpayment of my dream bike and I'll handle the rest..don't ask me how I'll handle the rest of the payment..secret..hehe..

And now, what I want to ask you guys to do is, suggest me a reasonable and suitable bike for me to have..please!!! If your suggestions are 'accepted' by my parents, I will assure you will have the first ride of my bike!!!!!!! haha..that's all..assalamualaikum~
Yamaha 150FZs??

new Yamaha Scorpio??
or maybe CBR???


  1. i suggest u to choose FZ150 or 150FZs..
    actually 150FZs is same as Yamaha FZ16..
    but 150 FZs is for India market..

    for Malaysia, there already FZ150..
    positive side about FZ150 is,
    it is better than 150 FZs & FZ16,
    because FZ150 use liquid-cooling system compared to FZ16 that still use air-cooling system;
    and FZ150's engine use fuel-injection system compared to FZ16 that still use carburetor..

    so, FZ150 is the winner!
    style is nothing compared to performance and fuel-economy.. up to u to choose which one..

    have a look at this link :

  2. waa..nice you have any suggestions of other bikes??

  3. for this time, nope..
    FZ150 is an entry-level, low-powered naked bike that most suitable and affordable for students like u..

    if u have high budget, i suggest u to go for Kawasaki Ninja250R or Honda CBR250R..
    CBR250R use fuel-injection, provides more fuel-economy compared to Ninja250R

    but according to u'r situation, FZ150 is more than enough for u.. haha
    u still can upgrade it slowly, from 150cc to 250cc, then 600cc and 1000cc ++

    my advice is, learn how to handle clutch first with low engine capacity bike..
    when u are used to it and pro enough, then upgrade slowly to higher engine capacity bike..
    it for u'r safety tough.. :)

  4. how about Ninja it good as FZ??