Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is about two month of holiday after I have finished my foundation program but I think only now I feel quite boring in my holiday. Weeks before, my day was so busy tidy up, decorating and repaint my house. In about a month from now, we will celebrating Aidilfitri. So, this is just a part of the preparation for it.

Actually I am not a man who suit this job. I think people like me can change to different hobbies as soon as BORING attacks! I suddenly become a person who likely to concern about my house. Before this, I just care about my room and the rest in on my parents. I just help a bit. Like you guys did! Don't be hypocrite! haha..

I think among all this, painting is the toughest one. This work have a lot of challenges. Choosing the right colour, ensure all equipment provided, need a lot of energy and lots kind of things more. My first obstacles is when my family chooses the wrong colours for the wall. At first, we want to paint a dark brown colours on the below parts of the wall. The colour name is supposedly Boutique but we get Terra Cotta, a bright reddish colour because it looks almost the same on the catalogue. But, with the skill of 'colour matching' of my father, we succeed to have a nice combination. Here's the result!
The shoes is still a problem. haha..

the front door..

This is still looks messy and need to a little bit changes.

Now everything is complete and I don't have work to do!!! arghh!! Maybe I should rest a lot. That's all fellas. Assalamualaikum.!

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