Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Are You Normal??

Assalamualaikum.. suddenly a question came across my mind just now. I wonder if my daily life that I am having through right now is normal from others perspective? You guys also should think about it for a while because we might think we are fine and normal in front of others but maybe there is something that might slightly different from others.

Let me give some examples. In a relationship, it is normal for a person keeping their boyfriend or girlfriend photos under their pillow so they may 'talk' with it in the middle of night about something that they cannot tell face to face to him or her? Or is it normal for a person wearing underwear during sleep? Or maybe, is it normal for a person who show their open minded about sex to others?? Seriously, this is not what had happen to me. I just suddenly think about it.

I am sorry if those example might cause you think in an opposite way but it is just examples. So, have you even think about that? For a person that want to look just normal in front others, they might want to discover whether they are normal or not for some aspects and want to change it. Honestly, I am that kind of person. But, I am quite interested about person that does not care about it. I mean a person that think anything not normal in themselves is something unique for them. This show that they are grateful. I am not talking about something that cannot clearly seen. I am talking about something obvious. For example, a person that can  laugh non-stop for 15 minutes and postponed the laugh to the next day. That is what I am talking about! If they are not complaining about the nature about themselves and it is something unchangeable in fact peoples are talking about it, it is amazing for me! But still, it is an example
Be proud of it IF you cannot change it!

All this normality stuff is cause by what people think about others. Peoples will not totally normal because every person is different. So if there are something different in us that we cannot change it anymore, we should appreciate it as the uniqueness of yourself! Let's be proud! Tired typing already.. Bye!! Assalamualaikum..

P/S : It is normal for a person to pick their nose 5 TIMES AN HOUR!!  Unbelievable?? Believe it! Source: DR. OZ in OPRAH !!
It is normal bro..don't be shame!! haha