Saturday, 20 August 2011

"Can I Talk To You??" our daily life, we might enjoy communicating with people. In addition, there are plenty of latest technology that allow us to communicate with peoples all around the world. Starting with SMS, now we have Instant Messaging through Facebook, BBM and lots other applications. What a convenient world we have!!

As others, I also enjoying chatting and communicating with peoples and friends through this magnificent cyber world. We can talk and voice out all our opinion independently!! I like!! Right now I have Facebook, Twitter, and Blog. This is the channels for me communicate with peoples and I know other peoples might have more channels than me.

But as I grow up, I think this way of communication are affecting me and I can tell you, it is not good. Sometimes I think my friends in the cyber world are more than my friends in reality. Do you have the some thought with me??

As for me, I enjoy SMS and IM to communicate with my friends. As time goes on, I think my communication skills is different between in reality and in the cyber world. When I chat with someone, I can be a very talkative person. There are lots of ideas and topics for me to discuss with my friends because there is a period of time for me to think and arrange my words before I push 'SEND' button. That makes me feel great! BUT, in reality it is totally different!

When I talk to people directly or face-to-face, I likely becoming lack of ideas to talk. Sometimes, it makes me feel nervous especially with WOMEN! But, it depends on types of women. Usually the 'hot' one is the one that I less talking with. I feel sucks about it!! Sometimes, I think the way of communicating without voice is worst.

Right now, I would like to give my own opinions for all peoples out there about this.

  1. If you want to approach someone, DO NOT START WITH A MESSAGE! It will make you shy when you talk or meet her later on. Call her or directly get know her face-to-face at the first place is better. You will impress he or she with your courage..(even I still don't have the courage yet)
  2. While messaging or chatting, DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY! Sometimes, when we are emotional during chatting, we likely to tell something that even we don't have the guts to tell it in reality. For example, during chatting, "I love you so much till nobody can stop the greatness of my love towards you!". But in reality, "Err..Actually, I really like you but if you don't like me, it's ok". YUCKZ!!! That is sucks. It will create different perceptions of others toward you.Especially from 'your girl' or 'your man'.
  3. Don't be to attracted to the PROFIL PICTURES of your friends. Maybe it looks good from your screen but it may differ from reality. Remember, beauty is only skin deep! haha
  4. Lastly, think wisely before you type!
All this is my personal opinions. If you want to take in our life, it's fine and if you don't want, no problem to me. This is all from my own experiences. hehe..Later! Assalamualaikum..

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