Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Assalamualaikum guys! Actually i am home, in Kedah. I am unwillingly to write this post because my friends force me to write about our hang out at Iceroom Nilai last weekend. They are Nafis, Amira Najwa, Aqidah and Syaza Awatif!

Actually I was reluctant to join them as I don't have any money because I had a problem with my ATM card and I could not withdraw my money. BUT, as my beloved friends Amira Najwa willingly to spend her triple salary to give us a treat, I had to join them. Thanks Mia!!

The most amazing people among of them is Nafis! Seriously! He willingly went all journey from Sg Besi to Nilai just to join us. Isn't that amazing? Well, even it is quite determinate but I think it is ordinary for him. It is Nafis!! The world is in his hand!

Thanks also to Aqidah and Syaza for spending time together. All of us having a long chat after not meeting each ather for quite a long time.

For your information, Aqidah had promised that she will give us another treat on Gelato Fruity in Pavillion KL next time. So for those who are interested, please be nice to her. You will not regret! That's all from me. Bye.
The most happiest person is Nafis..look his face..we will meet again in Pavillion KL..Thanks Aqidah!!


  1. qid! kak awin nak gelato jugak ^^

  2. ini sudah lebihhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sapa nk gelato fruity!! cpat2!! smntara stok masih ada!! haha

  4. haha...nafis the extraordinary...

  5. haha..jeles!btw..to qidah syg: jgn lupe sy!

  6. turun damansara kontek gua okay.

  7. aqidah tiba2 dsayangi ramai..haha..ur welkam..haha