Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Assalamualaikum! I guess I don't have anything so special to share with all of you. Actually it is almost a week I have been in this long holiday after my final exam. This is some kind of predictable condition that I have. Bored! Before the holiday started, my heart were full of happiness thinking of lots of leisure time I have without thinking of study or assignments. 2 months of doing nothing!! Nice right? No? Yeah..some people said "You will realize that you will be having such a boring 2 months of holiday!". You all are right!

Actually, I was planning to join my friends for a work but there were lots of obstacles for me to join them. My father's car actually had been in accident in about two weeks ago and the car is still in the workshop. So, my father use my mother's car and my mother had to go to office with me, on a BIKE!!! So, I need to stay free because I am a temporary 'driver' or maybe 'biker' for my mom.
So to fill my free time now, I go to gim! Damn bored! Actually I was completely tired of searching for a nice and complete gim around Sungai Petani. But almost all gim that provide a walk-in rate are pathetic! Not enough dumbells, old equipments and no body going there! It makes the gim looks creepy. There are also gim that fully equipped but it only provide membership rate. To expensive.
I thinks that's all that I want to share with you guys! I hope that I will something interesting enough to vanish this boredom!If you guys have any suggestions for me please tell me! bye! Assalamualaikum


  1. sungai petani xdak gym best2 ka weyh ?

  2. ang ni nmpak sgt jenih yg xbaca blek lpas tuleh kn?

  3. amar..xda!!! huhu
    nupa: mmg pon! bazir msa!

  4. haha . sian kat hang ikram, kuantan byak kot , meh la sini hehe