Friday, 16 September 2011

Home Sweet Home!!

Assalamualaikum! Right now I am in my new house! yeah!! It is worth to sacrifice a bit to get a house of this condition. I am not ready to upload the photo of my new house. Maybe later on.

I have checked-in this house on Wednesday. Lifting all my stuff to 4th-floored house is not easy! Seriously! Feeling like broking my back bone! The steps of this building is quite steep and unlucky I have to lift all my stuff ALONE! My father was totally exhausted!

Actually I am totally satisfied with this house. The rent is really affordable and I am glad there is no prepaid meter of electricity like my previous apartment in Uniten! I heard some rumours that Uniten will be having water and internet fees. Pity to those who are staying in Uniten..haha..

Ok..that's all..quite bored tonight. I'll upload some photos after this. Bye. Assalamualaikum..!

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